Mystic Lord Alfred Tennyson entered this world on May 31, 1999. He was named for this English poet due to his famous words: “’Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” Little Lord ‘Alfie’ came from Kim Cain’s Mystic Goldens in Midland, Texas. She has Marge Trowbridge’s Trowsnest line, which is based largely on the amazing guy, CH Trowsnest Whirlwind UD WC OS ‘Whirly’ who lived to the Golden age of 16.

Alfie’s mom is Gypsy, or more formally, Mystic Winds of Fortune CD, ptd BPISS. She is the daughter of Kim’s once famous guy BIS BISS CH Celestial Sirius Jake CDX JH WC VC SDHF and CH Trowsnest Puff of Wind CD JH WC (daughter of Whirly).

serious lovingAlfie’s dad is Romeo, or more formally, Can CH Kyon’s Hot To Trot, grandson of the famous Eng. CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet At Kerrien.

Alfie is a sweetheart and is doing GReat with Darcy, so wanting to follow in everything that she does. I started Alfie with clicker training, and he is a whiz with so many commands and performing tricks. And, he became the youngest member of the Pets on Wheels league in Howard County, Maryland. Check out Alfie’s volunteer adventures at his Pets on Wheels Volunteer Puppy page. At merely nine weeks of age, he had already made a very special ‘puppy’ Pets-0n-Wheels visit.Alfie on the cover!

Tricia Robson, Howard County Pets on Wheels Coordinator, and also the breeder of our cherished girl, Darcy, arranged this unique outing. What a fine job Alfie did that day of licking loneliness. We have headed back as some of the residents had expressed special interest in wanting to experience his growing-up years.

Here is one of my favorite photos of Alfie, taken by talented photographer, Stuart Haman.

Alfie was actually sitting in our family room, staring out our screen door at the family, as we were outside working with Darcy and getting some special photos of her doing agility. Poor Alfie was beside himself in jealousy, as you can see. And, for a boy who is so happy that he literally wags his tail in his sleep, it is seldom that we see that a serious expression on his face.